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Managing Users Assigned to a Curriculum

# Adding/Removing Users Adding and removing users from a curriculum is part of the curriculum setup process. Only student users can be assigned to a curriculum. To add or remove a user from a curriculum, please review the Managing Curriculums article. # Tracking User Progress After assigning a curriculum to student…

Locating Curriculums within a Course

Students can view the curriculum(s) they’ve been assigned to within the applicable course by following these steps: 1._ Log in_ to the BenchPrep platform and_ launch _the **course the curriculum is part of**. If you are not brought to this course by default, _use _the **My Courses** menu in the platform header to sel…

Managing Curriculums

# Creating Curriculums 1._ Open _the** Boost Dashboard** and use the left-hand navigation to go to the Curriculums section. 2. _Select_ the **Create** link in the upper right-hand corner of the page to launch the curriculum creation wizard. ![][1] 3. On the first page of the curriculum creation wizard, _add _a **n…

Introduction to Curriculums

A** curriculum **is a custom study plan that an instructor or institution supervisor can create and assign to one or more students. Instructors and institution supervisors build curriculums by selecting existing Study Tasks from a course’s Structured Study Plan to assign to their students. This helps students break d…

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