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Managing Users Assigned to a Curriculum
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Adding/Removing Users 

Adding and removing users from a curriculum is part of the curriculum setup process. Only student users can be assigned to a curriculum. To add or remove a user from a curriculum, please review the Managing Curriculums article. 


Tracking User Progress

After assigning a curriculum to students, you’ll be able to see data about your students’ overall progress, as well as their individual progress within the curriculum. 


1. Open the Boost Dashboard and select Curriculums from the left-hand navigation menu. 

2. Select the curriculum you’d like to work with from the curriculums listing. 

3. Review the data. The curriculum details page includes both high-level and student-specific data. The curriculum overview includes the number of students assigned to the curriculum, the number of students who have completed it, the number of tasks in the curriculum, and the average progress of students within the curriculum (i.e. what percentage of tasks have they completed). 

  1. The Students Reports listing includes each student’s name, ID, their progress (as a percentage), their average score on practice questions, their average score on tests, and the date they completed the curriculum (if applicable). 
  2. The Students Reports listing can be organized by student name or ID in ascending/descending order. 
  3. The Task Details listing includes the name of each Study Task in the curriculum, the type of task (practice questions, lessons, etc.), and the Knowledge Point value of each task. 

4. To view more specific information about a student’s progress within the curriculum, select that student’s name. On the next page, select the Impersonate button in the upper right-hand corner. While impersonating the user, go to the Study Plan section of the applicable course and select the Curriculum tab. 

Impersonating a student will show you exactly how many Study Tasks they have completed in the curriculum, as well as which Study Tasks are complete, incomplete, and not started. 


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