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Navigating Through a Structured Study Plan

To navigate through the Structured Study Plan, click on the  Study Plan  tab on the left-hand navigation menu within your course. You will be directed to a new section where you'll be able to note a few things: * Study Plan Tab - This tab will indicate the type of study plan set up for this course, which c…

Structured Study Plans

A Study Plan is a pathway through course content on our platform. BenchPrep offers two types of study plans—Structured and Adaptive. You don’t need to have either one of these plans for your course to work on BenchPrep. However, if you want to set-up the plans, you can do so with BenchPrep. Below are some key dif…

Best Practices for Building a Structured Study Plan

Structured study plans are built based on study task groups (categories of content) and study tasks (individual lessons, practice question sets, flashcards, etc). Here are some best practices to help you create and organize your study plan: * We recommend that Introductory/How to Use material is included and p…

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