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Navigating Through a Structured Study Plan
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To navigate through the Structured Study Plan, click on the Study Plan tab on the left-hand navigation menu within your course.



You will be directed to a new section where you'll be able to note a few things:

  1. Study Plan Tab - This tab will indicate the type of study plan set up for this course, which can either be a Structured or Adaptive Study Plan. To learn more about Adaptive Study Plans, read this article.
  2. Study Task Group - In this example, the study task group is called "How To Use This Course." The study task group allows for different types of content to be grouped together so that they can easily be studied together. 
  3. Study Tasks / Content - In the content area of each study task group, you'll be able to see what study tasks will be covered. In this example, learners will need to read through 3 lessons before they get to study flashcards and take some pre-determined practice questions.


To begin the Study Plan, simply click on the first item in the Study Task Group. Once a study task is completed, a screen with the following information will appear:

  1. Study Plan progress
  2. Recap of your task and Knowledge Points earned
  3. Confidence Level breakdown and
    Review these Lessons - Ability to go back and review what you just learned
    1. NOTE: The "Complete" Confidence Level will only appear if the study task has one or more lessons that are set to hide confidence levels. If the feature access "Hide Confidence Levels on All Lessons" is ON for the course, the whole section will not appear.
  4. Proceed to the next Study Task
  5. Go back to the Study Plan


From here, you can follow the same steps for every study task group in your study plan! Keep in mind that this does not mean that you are required to view content in this order. You can still navigate to each individual section (lessons, flashcards, practice questions, etc.) via the left-hand navigation menu.

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