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Course Configuration
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Intro to Course Configuration

The Configuration section in BluePrint allows you to toggle certain features on/off for individual courses, allowing for greater flexibility in creating a desired learning experience right within our authoring tool. The features shown in this section were previously only controllable via the Feature Access and Manage Features pages in Console and the Tenant Dashboard. Settings changed in BluePrint will also be changed in Console and the Tenant Dashboard, and vice versa.

The course configuration page appears for all BenchPrep Courses - course configuration is not necessary for Asset-Based Courses.


Only features controllable at the course level will appear in BluePrint. Some features are controllable at both the course and tenant levels. If a feature is turned OFF at the tenant level, users will be unable to enable that feature for individual courses, and the feature itself will be hidden. Select the “Show disabled features” checkbox to display the features unavailable for a course. A note will appear under these features to indicate the feature must be toggled on at the tenant level. 

Certain features will need to be toggled at the B2B Institution level to ensure learners belonging to the specific institution can take advantage of the feature. A note will appear under these features to indicate the feature must be toggled at the Institution level via Tenant Dashboard. 

Managing Course Configurations

You will need the BluePrint Admin role to manage a course’s configurations.

  1. Open BluePrint and select the course you want to configure.
  2. Select the ">" icon next to Course Details, then select Configuration
  3. If you want to enable a feature for all learners in this course, set the toggle to ON. If you don't want to use a feature, set the toggle to OFF. Your selections will save and go into effect automatically - there is no need to publish changes to the course.
    1. Each feature will have a brief description. 
    2. Use the search bar to find specific features quickly. Enter a keyword, then select Apply to run the search and locate the feature in question. 
    3. Use the Feature Family filter to find all features related to a specific area of the course (lessons, flashcards, etc). Select the name of every feature family you'd like to include in the filter, then select Apply



Check out Features section for a full list of Tenant and Course specific features to guide you through configuring your desired learner experience. 

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