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Managing the Learning Section
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The Learning section of Console displays the courses (or asset-based course) that have been created in BluePrint.


The table on this page displays the ID number, the Course Title, the Course Type, the Enrollment Count, the Avg. Rating, the Number of Ratings, and Status. You can search for courses, filter by status, and adjust the number of courses that appear on this page.


  • Course Title: title of the course
  • Course Type: type of content
    • Course: the standard course experience using native BenchPrep modalities (lessons, questions, flashcards, etc.)
    • Asset-based Course: an asset-based course (e.g., interactive video, SCORM package, etc.) that launches directly from the Learning Hub
  • Enrollment Count: number of users enrolled in a course
  • Avg. Rating: average rating, which are the content package review ratings, left by learners via the "Rate and Review" link within the WebApp course
  • Number of Ratings 
  • State: state of content package in BluePrint 

NOTE: While the enrolled users tab within a content package’s view updates in real-time, the Enrollment Count is updated once per day at 4:30am UTC.

Managing Content Packages

Managing Courses

In Console, you can control the Configurations (or features) of a course, the Enrolled Users, and you can view the Marketing Info.



The Configurations tab allows you to manage your features for this course. (NOTE: requires update:feature_accesses permission.)

To enable a feature for a course, toggle it ON at both the tenant level in Settings and the course level below. If a feature is OFF at tenant level, you will not be able to enable the feature at the course level.


Enrolled Users

The Enrolled Users tab allows you to view your enrolled users, their status, and their roles.

Select a given user’s username to control their user details.


Marketing Info


The Marketing Info tab displays your course’s description, cover image, and URL.

NOTE: Marketing information about the course is managed in BluePrint and appears in Console as read-only. If you have access to the course in BluePrint, you will see an Edit in BluePrint button that will take you to its Course Properties page in a new tab.


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