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Exporting an Entire Course and Exporting Part(s) of a Course
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Before you export your entire course or a part of your course, we recommend building your course so that all your updates are included in the export.


To export your course:

  1. Open Course Details in the left hand navigation of BluePrint.
  2. Click on the Export Content button.

  3. You will be emailed a folder of all your course content organized into CSV files.

Exporting Part of Your Course

Questions, lessons, passages, and more; all content can be exported out of BluePrint as a CSV file to make it easier for you to work with it in bulk.


To export a part of your course:

  1. Navigate to the relevant page.
  2. Click on Export in the top right corner.
  3. Select the information you want included in the CSV.
    • This information will change depending on the content you are exporting, but here are some general options you will likely see:
      • id - the identification number of each piece of content
      • name - the name of each piece of content
      • category_name or category_id - the name or identification number of the category your content is associated with
      • content - the actual content of each item, be it a question, flashcard, passage, or lesson
  4. Click on Export.
    • A CSV will be generated and emailed to you.
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