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Managing Multiple Permission-Based Roles
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Permission based roles is a role system for your users, accessible in Console. A user with the Admin role can create a custom role with a set of permissions they choose, and then assign that custom role to other users. For information on how to create and assign permission based roles, click here.

A user can have multiple permission based roles, with different permissions and access contexts, allowing for seamless account management.

The role switching functionality in Console enables users to quickly switch between their roles without having to create multiple logins, simplifying administrative functionality. 

Role Switching

The Select a Role screen appears when a user that has multiple permission based roles attempts to access Console, prompting the user to choose a role in which they would like to view Console.

NOTE: Once a user selects a role, that role will be cached for them locally. This is so the user does not have to select a role on every refresh. If a users cache is cleared or if the user attempts to login and access console on a different browser, they will be prompted to select a role.



Once a role has been selected, the Current Role indicator on the top bar of the screen indicates which role a user is viewing the application through as well as the scope of that role. 


This indicator appears even if a user has only 1 permission based role, showing what role they are using while accessing Console.

To switch to a different permission based role, select the dropdown arrow and choose the role to switch to. 



NOTE: Legacy title based roles (ie:Tenant Admin, Institution Admin, Collaborator), non-console permission based roles, will not appear in the dropdown. Role switching is only available for Console permission based roles, as well as out of the box Console Admin role.


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