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Navigating Lessons and Using Tools
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Lessons can be accessed through either the Study Plan or Lessons tab on the left-hand navigation bar. In the example lesson below, the title "Understanding Grammar" appears at the top and its content underneath.



You can navigate between lessons using the left and right arrows in the top-left corner or the arrow keys on your keyboard. On the right-hand side are additional tool options and Confidence Levels to help you indicate how well you understand the subject matter. To see a list of all lessons in the course, click on Table of Contents at the top.


Note: A Confidence Level must be selected before clicking on Continue. If a level is not selected and you navigate away from the lesson, it will still display as incomplete.


Lesson Tools

Within a lesson, you are provided with different tools to help personalize your study experience. Let's take a look at the Highlighter, Bookmark, and Notes Tools to learn how they can be used to your advantage.


Note: Some or all of these tools may be unavailable within your course. If you do not see them in the top-right corner of the lesson, these features have not been turned on.


Highlighter Tool

The Highlighter Tool acts just like your trusty marker. Any portion of text within the lesson can be selected, and it will remain highlighted throughout your course experience. That means you can highlight a passage, close your course, and then come back the next day to find the same passage still highlighted.


To use the Highlighter Tool, select the portion of text you want to highlight, and then press Alt+H on your keyboard (Option+H if you are a Mac user).


To erase a highlight, select the highlighted portion of text and press Shift+Alt+H on your keyboard (Shift+Option+H if you are a Mac user).



Bookmark Tool

The Bookmark Tool, located in the top-right corner, will add the current Lesson to your Bookmarks List, which is accessible from the top toolbar. Click the bookmark icon if you want to save a lesson to return to later, just as you might leave a bookmark in a textbook.


In the image below, note that the Bookmark Tool and Bookmarks List are marked in red:


Notes Tool

The Notes Tool allows you to leave yourself private notes that will tie directly to the current lesson you are reading. You can later access them in your Notes list, found in the top toolbar.


To leave a Note, select the Note icon at the top-right. Type your note into the dialogue box, and then click on Add.


See below for a brief walkthrough:

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