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15. Practice Questions
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What are Practice Questions?

Practice Questions test your knowledge in a low stakes environment and tracks your progress by percent per category. While testing, a user can toggle answer rationale on/off. When the answer rationale toggle is on, you will see an answer and explanation of the answer after you answer each question. If the toggle is off there’s no review between questions.


Practice Questions in BluePrint

There are two ways to view Practice Questions in BluePrint. 


First, you can view practice questions by navigating to the Question Categories section on the left-hand navigation menu. To view practice questions associated by question category click the "eye" icon at the category level. Then, under the "Practice questions" field you will see how many practice questions are associated to this category. Click the link to view all the questions at a granular level. 

Second, you can view practice questions by using filters. Navigate to the Questions section on the left-hand navigation menu. Click the "View Filters" link to open all available filter options. Find the "Question Type" field and select "Practice Questions". This will give you all the Practice Questions available in the course. If you want to view Practice Questions by Category simply apply another filter using the Question Category field under filters. 

Practice Questions in the Learning Platform

In the Practice dashboard, users can track progress for all question categories, begin practice, and review questions taken by category. When in review mode you will be able to see public user discussions and connected lesson material for fast remediation.


Not only that, but you can also filter questions by annotation (Confidence Levels, Bookmarks, Notes). The Practice dashboard makes testing your knowledge a flexible and informative experience.

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