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Standard Tags
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BenchPrep uses Standard Tags to help you further label your questions. Some customers organize content by topic but write questions to test specific domains. In BluePrint, you would categorize your questions by topic and tag your questions by domains. Those tags are Standard Tags.


By default, these tags are backend only, though you can turn on reporting by tags for your learners if you desire. This might help a learner see how they’re doing by domain. Here’s an example of a Practice Question Dashboard that includes a section to see how learners are doing by Standard Tags.


If tags are visible to your learners, please note that the most recently-added tags will always be displayed. For example, if you alter tags after a learner has completed an exam, the new tags will display in their score report if they return to it.



Adding Tags to Questions

To add standard tags, you’ll need to send a list of your tags to BenchPrep. After we load the tags into our platform, you can add tags to your questions in two ways:


  1. On each Question Edit page, you can add relevant tags in the Standard Tags section.
  2. You can import questions with the newly created Tag IDs. For example, in the screenshot above, the “OTA DOMAIN: OTA DOMAIN 3...” tag has an ID of 13741.


Note: If you modify tags on a question in a live course, learners will always see the most up-to-date tag(s) regardless of when the question was originally answered.

Searching for Tags

To search for tags, locate the Tag Search icon within the left-hand navigation menu:

You can navigate to the search option, while within a course, by selecting the Tag Search icon within the collapsed left-hand navigation menu:

Next, type in the Tag you are trying to find, and select Find
Results will populate on the page including the Course ID, Content ID and the specific Tag. 

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