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Browsing in Learning Hub
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The Browse section of Learning Hub is a catalog of free and for purchase Courses, Events, and Resources.


From Learning Hub, you can:

  • Search any course, event, or resource from the Search Bar
  • Sort by Recently Added, Alphabetical, etc. using the Sort By Dropdown
  • Change your View from tiles to lists


Viewing Details

Select the View Details button on any course, resource, or item to view details about it. You'll see the description about this offering and view what content packages are included, and any information around earning a certificate (if available).



Enrolling and Saving for Later

When a learner is ready to enroll in a course, they can select Enroll.

  • If it’s free, they'll see an Enrolled tag on the image. The Enroll button will also change to Study
  • If the course is for purchase, instructions will appear to purchase or redeem the course.
  • To save a course for later, they can select the Bookmark icon in the top-right.


Using Filters on Browse page

If a Product Catalog has been configured, learners can utilize category Filters to discover content based on a predefined taxonomy. Learn more about BenchPrep's Product Catalog functionality here


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