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Navigating the My Learning Section
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My Learning page provides an organized and comprehensive view of all of the courses and events you are enrolled in or have saved for later. Select an appropriate tab to easily navigate through different options:

  • In Progress: courses and events you have engaged with, with the most recent course/event being on the left of the screen
  • Not Yet Started: courses and events you are enrolled in, but have not yet begun 
  • Saved for Later:  courses and events you have chosen to save from My Learning or Browse page, in the ordered they were saved 
  • Completed:  courses and events you have completed, displayed in order of completion
  • Expired: If this feature is enabled, expired tab will be visible displaying courses and events that you no longer have access to


Select View Details button to review My Performance section that displays your progress, last active date, expiration date and course breakdown.


Note: Courses with Certificate Icon indicate courses that result in a generated certificate upon completion.  




Select the Study button to launch your course or event. 


Note: The "Study" button will not display for an Asset-Based course. Instead, click View Details and choose the asset that you want to view.

Bookmarking a Course

You can easily bookmark a course from My Learning or Browse page by clicking on the Bookmark Icon on the top right-hand corner of the course.



All bookmarked courses or events will appear in Saved for Later section within My Learning.


If you change your mind, simply click on the icon again and the course will be removed from the Saved for Later section. 

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