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Managing Feature Access
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The Feature Access setting in Console allows you to manage features across your tenant.


It’s important to note that you will need to enable features for your content packages (courses) at the tenant level first (which requires the update:feature_accesses permission). Then, once a given set of features has been enabled, you can enable and disable them at the content package level.


  1. Select Settings > Feature Access
  2. Enable and disable features using the toggles


Available Features

Here is an explanation of the features currently available to configure within Console:

  • Allow users to earn and view Achievements

    The user will "unlock" specific badges called "Achievements" as they perform certain actions in the course (answering a question correctly in less than ten seconds, making a bookmark, playing a specific game, etc.).


    Achievements are informal, have no function, and are not intended to replace the Study Plan as a method for the learner to measure their progress. They are simply meant to provide the user with in-app rewards and motivation.

  • Randomize question order in exams

    Questions will appear in a unique sequence for each learner’s exam.
  • Hide correct answers on incorrect question review

    When enabled, learners are unable to see the correct response when reviewing answers in practice tests and exams.
  • Enable general access to Learning Hub
    ​​​Grants all of your learners access to Learning Hub.
  • Enable Browse page in Learning Hub
    Gives your learners access to the Browse Page, where they can view all learning content.
  • Show Expired Courses Tab in Learning Hub
    Allows learners to view all of their expired courses.

  • Randomize order of practice questions

    Questions will appear in a unique sequence for each student’s practice categories.
  • Public discussions

    When enabled, users are able to engage with each other in open forums within the tenant.

  • Allow users to use calculator

    For appropriate sections, a calculator application will appear in the upper-right corner of the question taking experience for student’s use. This can be triggered across the entire tenant or for specific courses.

  • Allow users to use scrap paper

    When enabled, learners/students are able to click a toolbox to access scrap paper to help solve questions inside of the tenant. You must have an exam or practice test question for this feature to be utilized.

  • Top Performers

    When enabled, learners/students can view the top scores posted by their peers.

  • Enable Search feature in WebApp

    This enables a left-bar search option to allow learners/students to find specific pieces of content.

NOTE: Eventually, versions of these descriptions will be included within Console itself.


Once a feature has been enabled on tenant level, follow these steps to enable it on Content Package level.

  1. Select Learning > Content Package

  2. Select appropriate Content Package Title
  3. Enable and disable features on Content Package level using the toggles



Right now, there are two features that are only controlled at the course-level. Go into the relevant course’s feature access to manage the following two features:


  • disable pausing during exams
  • allow resets on exams and practice


NOTE: To modify the course level exam reset limit, you need the update:content_packages permission.


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