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A contract dictates how many licenses each Institution in a B2B hierarchy gets and which courses the Institution gets access to. You have the ability to make a new contract or edit an existing contract from the Contracts tab.

Creating New Contracts
To create a new contract:

1. Select the New Contract button in the Contracts section 


2. Fill out the fields for the new contract and select the associated test(s) at the bottom. Both students and instructors will now take up a seat, so make sure you have allotted enough seats for everyone. 


Contract Fields: 

Field Name Description
                                  External System ID                                                                              Enter known external ID or leave blank if unknown.
Name The name you would like to give the contact.
Institution The institution that will use this contract.
Start date The first date an Institution Admin can add student or instructor accounts to their Institution.
End date The last date an Institution Admin can add student or instructor accounts to their Institution.
Admin access expiration date The date that administrators lose access to the platform.
First Student Activation Date The first date a user may activate their account.
Last Student Activation Date The last date a user may activate their account.
Final Access Date                          If all students should lose access to the platform on the same date, regardless of when they activated their account, set this date. Otherwise, leave it blank.
Type Select unlimited if the Institution should have unlimited licenses; select limited if the Institution should have a finite number of licenses and then designate the number of seats.
Courses Check the box next to the name of each test users on this contract should have access to.



3. Click on the Create button to finish creating the contract. 


Editing a Contract 

To edit an existing contract, go to the Contracts tab and click on the contract you want to edit.

You'll see additional fields on the contract's details page after it's created. These are: 

Field Name Description
Available seats Number of seats still available on this contract
Used seats Number of seats used on this contract
Activated seats Number of users who have logged in
Active seats Number of users who have logged in and completed at least one activity



Click on the Edit button in the upper right-hand corner to edit the contract. Keep in mind that you won't be able to change any dates that have already passed - for example, if a contract's start date was 11/1/2017, you won't be able to update it.


After you've made the desired changes to the contract, click on the Update button at the bottom of the page to finish.

Note: You can create a contract from Institutions tab, click here for step-by-step instructions. 

To understand access status click here.

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