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Understanding Access Status
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In the Institution Admin dashboard, the Students section includes an Access Status column.

This column is exclusive to the Institution Admin dashboard. 

A student’s access status can be Valid, Pending, or Expired


Valid indicates that a student has completed their account setup and has access to at least one course. Institution Admin considers a user’s account setup complete when the user has a password. Because admins can set a password for a student during the account creation process, valid access status is not a reliable marker of whether or not a student has logged into the account created for them. Date Added indicates the date the admin created the account, and First Login Date is the date the user first logged in to the platform. 

Pending indicates that a student will have valid access to at least one course as soon as they set a password for their account. If an admin creates a student account without setting a password for that account, the account’s access status will be pending until the user follows the steps in their activation email to set their password, and their First Login Date will say "Never." 


When clicking into a pending user’s detail page, you’ll see the assigned contract says Invalid in red. Once the user logs in and activates their account, the status will change to Valid.


Expired indicates that a student no longer has access to any courses. An expired student can still access the BenchPrep platform, but they will not be able to launch any courses until their course access is extended or they are given access to a new course. To reinstate an expired student, assign them to an active contract.

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