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User Details Page
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Click into an individual user from the User listing page:

You will be redirected to the page below with all critical information regarding the user information:


The top of the page will display the following data:

Additionally, there are a handful of actions you can take from this page:


Field Name Description
Resend email to user                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Click here to reveal a drop-down list. If the user hasn't been activated yet, you can resend their activation email; if the user's activated, you'll have the option to reset their password.
Edit Change the user's name, email, password, roles, or Institution/district/division membership.
Impersonate Logs admin in as this user

This pulls up a drop-down list with three options: New Shared Account, Assign as Instructor, or Deactivate


New Shared Account will walk you through creating a second user with the "same" email address.


Deactivate, if clicked on and held down, will deactivate the user. Clicking this will deactivate their entire account and all the user’s courses- the user will be unable to login. You can then reactivate their account from here (instructions found here) so the user can log in again. However their courses will not reactivate with this action. 


NOTE: Once you deactivate the user, the license doesn't get activated again.




Below that will display the user License information. Licenses lists the contract(s) this user's been assigned to, and Enrollments lists the course(s) they have access to.

Click on the Extend link on the right-hand side of the Licenses listing to extend a user's course access.  




The next section displays Enrollments. Admins can see which Courses the user has access to, the State of the course, and until when it is valid. Only option here is to Reset Course -  the course cannot be deactivated here. 

Re-setting course will reset all of the user’s progress.

Note:  Resetting a course will also reset all of the external assets (e.g. Skillable Labs, PBQs, Scorm Packages).

Group Membership


Next, is the Group Membership section. Here, admins can see if the user is an Instructor or Student - users can be both an Instructor and Student within the same group. 

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