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2. Creating a Structured Study Plan
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The Structured Study Plan is a linear pathway through all course material. The Plan is composed of Study Tasks, which can exist alone or within Study Task Groups.


A Study Task contains one module of content - lessons, flashcards, practice questions, OR an exam.

A Study Task Group organizes a group of Study Tasks by topic. We recommend naming Groups by topic and naming Tasks by sub-topic and module type. The topics ideally correspond to content categories.


There are three steps to creating a Structured Study Plan within BluePrint:

  1. Build your Study Task Groups
  2. Build and place your Study Tasks
  3. Fill those Study Tasks with the appropriate content

Step 1: Build your Study Task Groups


To create your Structured Study Plan, you will use the Study Tasks and Study Task Group modules under the STRUCTURE section of BluePrint.



In the above image, Course Introduction is an example of a Study Task Group. It contains one study task, as indicated by the number that follows it. That study task is How to Use This Course, which contains 8 items inside of it.


To view which items are inside the How to Use This Course study task, click the Pencil / Edit icon. This will show you a list of eight lessons.


To get started with building your own Structured Study Plan, we first recommend having the rest of your course content (lessons, questions, etc.) built out already.


Then, start by typing in the Study Task Groups using the text box that says “Type a study task group name and hit enter…” and hit enter. This will create a temporary Study Task Group. Create all the groups that your course requires, and then press the green Save button at the bottom.

Each of the n1, n2 numbers next to your groups should change to #[id] along with a green success banner at the top:



Step 2: Build and place your Study Tasks

Now that you have the skeleton of your Structured Study Plan, it’s time to fill it in with the Study Tasks.


  1. Type in the name of your first Study Task in the “Type a study task name and hit enter…” and hit enter.

  2. Click and drag that study task underneath the appropriate Study Task Group — make sure the study task locks into place indented underneath the group. This files the task under the appropriate group.

  3. Click Save.

NOTE: We recommend doing this for the first study task of each group, as you can then directly enter tasks under the appropriate category. Note the new textbox that appears underneath the Intro Lessons study task in the example above.


Step 3: Fill those Study Tasks with the appropriate content

Now that you’ve built out your study plan, it’s time to add the appropriate content to the correct study task. There are two ways of doing this.


  1. Click the Pencil icon to open the Study Task Edit page

  2. Change the Task Items to the content type you want to add for that Study Task

  3. From the list of Available Items, add the items you wish to add. You should see them in the Chosen Items section.

  4. Click Update Study Task


The second way is faster if you have a lot of content in your course.

  1. Navigate to the content type (e.g., Lessons) under the Content section of BluePrint

  2. Select the items you wish to add to your Study Task

    1. For Lessons, you first need to click the table icon to unlock the checkable boxes

  3. Click the Pencil icon in the top toolbar to open the Batch Edit side panel

  4. With your items selected, choose the appropriate Study Task in the side panel

  5. Click Save


This will add all those items to your study task. Remember to Publish Changes to your course to push through these changes.

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