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Can I bookmark an exam question?
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Please note that not all exams are reviewable, only questions within reviewable exams can be bookmarked.


Yes! Tell the user to follow these steps:


1. After you finish the exam, go to the exam review landing page.



2. Click on an exam.


3. To review each question one-by-one, select an exam section if applicable, then click “Review” on the right-hand side of the next page. You can also click "Review All"

to review all questions in order. 





4. From here, you can bookmark the question, add notes, and note your confidence levels for the question.



You can also “pin” a question during the full-length exams for further review by following these steps:


1. During the exam, a box labeled "Revisit Later" will appear above the answer options. Check this box to pin the question for further review.



2. When you review your answers before submitting them, a red marker will appear under the Revisit column to remind you to look over the question. Checking the box for "Revisit Later", however, does not bookmark the question permanently.


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