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Managing Features
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Changing features for an entire institution


1. In the Institutions tab, select an institution


2. On the institution's details page, click on the Manage Features button



3. You will then be able to toggle specific features on/off




Change features for an individual group


1. In the Groups section, select a group


2. On the Group’s Details page, click the More dropdown button and select Manage Features 



3. Use the toggles to change individual features


Turning off public discussions


1. Public discussions are one of the features dictated by the Manage Features section. Use the toggle to turn them off




Turning on the Whiteboard for courses


The Whiteboard feature can be managed through Feature Access in the Tenant Dashboard. It's a tool that appears in the Toolbox section for learners. You can read more about how it works in the Learner-facing article: " How do I use the Whiteboard feature in the Learning Platform?"


Like most features, you will need to first turn on the Whiteboard feature at the tenant level.


  1. Open Tenant Dashboard
  2. In the lefthand menu, select Manage Features
  3. Toggle on the feature Enable the whiteboard tool for users



NOTE: If you have institutions within your tenant, you will need to follow this same process for the given institution(s).


Once you've enabled this feature at the tenant- (and institution-, if appropriate) level(s), you will need to enable it for the given course(s). Use the Courses link next to the toggle (see image above) to quickly jump to course-level feature management.

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