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Exporting Progress and Performance Data
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Most reports and tables shown in the Boost Dashboard are also downloadable, allowing instructors and supervisors to share results with others that may not have platform access. 

1. Open the Boost Dashboard and go to the page you’d like to export data from. 

2. Hover over the section you’d like to export until you see a three dots icon on the right. Select the three dots icon and then select Download from the drop-down menu. 




3. Select the type of file you’d like to download this section as. Different sections will have different options, including PDF, Excel spreadsheet, image, or CSV file, depending on the data shown. 

  • If you choose to download a CSV, Excel spreadsheet, or image, the download should begin immediately. 
  • If you choose to download a PDF, you’ll see a preview of the PDF first. 

  Filtering Data

If you want to export only certain data, apply the filter or search to the data section before downloading it. The platform will apply the filter to the downloaded file automatically.

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