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Impersonating a User
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Impersonating users allows you to view the platform exactly as another user views it. For instructors and other B2B personas, impersonation provides the most detailed information on a student’s progress and performance. For example, while the Students section shows how many lessons a user has marked with a Low Confidence Level, it does not show exactly which lessons a particular student marked with Low Confidence. This level of information is only accessible by impersonating that student. 


Please note that impersonating a BenchPrep user is not the same as “ghosting.” While you are impersonating a user, you are logged in to their account, and any activities you complete, such as lessons or questions, will be saved to that account. Be careful to look, but not touch, and always log out when you’re done. 


To impersonate a user, follow these steps:  


  1. Open the Boost Dashboard and locate the user you’d like to impersonate in the Students section. Select the row of data next to their name. 
  2. On the next page, select the Impersonate button. 
  3. While impersonating a user, you’ll see a bar underneath the platform header that lists the name and ID of the user you’re impersonating. 
  4. To stop impersonating, select the “x” icon in that header.


NOTE: If you'd like to impersonate users without having to worry about making changes to their accounts, you can impersonate them in your tenant's staging environment. Any changes made in staging will not affect live users, and staging will refresh every 3 weeks to match what's in production.


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