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How do I redeem my voucher?

To redeem a voucher - the course Admin will need to provide a **Voucher Redemption Link. **If you are the course Admin and need a refresher on how to find that link, [read this article][1]. Once the learner has the voucher and the redemption link, they can follow these steps: 1. _Navigate_ to the **Voucher Redemptio…

Granting Course Access to Users

As the course Admin, you'll need to decide a process by which a learner can access their course(s). BenchPrep offers three main ways to guide your learners and access your products. 1. **Free Plans** - Do not require a voucher and a user can access courses at any time. Once you create a free plan, learners can go to …

Managing Vouchers

If you created a **Voucher Redemption Plan**, you can manage your vouchers by _selecting_ the **Plan** and choosing the **Voucher** setting. ![][1] ## Creating Vouchers 1. In your plan’s **Voucher setting**, _select_ **Add Voucher** 2. _Select_ your **Voucher Type**![][2] 1. **Voucher Template**: A voucher…

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