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Recategorizing Lessons, Questions, and Flashcards

BluePrint offers two ways to recategorize lessons, questions, and flashcards. The examples below refer to lessons, but these methods are the same for questions and flashcards. Method 1: From Lesson Outline * Expand the lesson categories to view all lessons under their associated categories. * Click and d…

Renaming or Deleting Categories

To change the name of a category or delete a category follow these steps (NOTE: We will use a lesson category in the example below): * In BluePrint, click  on  Lesson Outline . * Click on the category’s name you wish to change, and a textbox will appear. Type in the new category name, and click on Save u…

Importing Questions & Question Categories

In order to import content into a course you need to have an owner or collaborator role.  Importing questions into a course that is in a conversion state will completely replace any previously existing questions. Once a course is in a published state, you will only be able to add additional questions via an import.…

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