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Recategorizing Lessons, Questions, and Flashcards
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BluePrint offers two ways to recategorize lessons, questions, and flashcards. The examples below refer to lessons, but these methods are the same for questions and flashcards.


Method 1:


From Lesson Outline

  1. Expand the lesson categories to view all lessons under their associated categories.

  2. Click and drag each lesson you’d like to recategorize or reorder.

  3. Click on Save.


Method 2: 


From Lesson Outline > Lessons

  1. After determining the lessons that need to be recategorized, click on the pencil icon under the Actions column.

  2. Scroll down to the Category section.
    NOTE: This may be in a red box labeled Danger Zone. You will only see a Danger Zone if your course is published or live to learners. 

  3. Select a new category from the Category dropdown menu.

  4. Click on Save.


NOTE: The categories for your lessons, questions, flashcards, and assignments do not have to be the same. For example, some like to have lessons that leverage subcategories, but their questions and flashcards are more general (i.e. at the top category level). Other customers have flashcards that match their lesson categories, but their questions are based on domains of knowledge or outcome statements. You can customize the categories to make sense for your course(s).


That said, for our Adaptive Study Plan to make sense for learners, we do recommend having parity between your content types.

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