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Updating Administrative Divisions

1. In the Districts  tab, select a district (Adding a district to an Administrative Division will automatically add every institution within the district to that Administrative Division) 2. On the district’s details page, click   Edit 3. On the next page, select an Administrative Division  from…

Managing Groups

Adding students or instructors to groups 1. In the Groups  tab, click on a group 2. Click on the More  button towards the top-right of the screen.  You'll see a drop-down list with options for  Manage Students  and Manage Instructors 3. After selecting one of those options, you should come to a pag…

Managing Institutions

Adding New Institutions 1. Go to the Institutions tab 2. Click on the red outlined  New Institution  button in the upper-right-hand corner 3. Add the institution's information (Adding a contract to the institution is optional at this step) New Contract Fields: * Name : The name you'd l…

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