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BenchPrep status page

We encourage you to subscribe to the BenchPrep status page: This page provides the current status of all of our sites. It also includes a record of past incidents, maintenance, and basic information about the site's health. Once subscribed, you will be immediately alerted about any performance issues.

Understanding Access Status and State

In the Institution Admin dashboard, the Students section includes an Access Status column.  This column is exclusive to the Institution Admin dashboard. A student’s access status can be Valid, Pending , or Expired . Valid indicates that a student has completed their account setup and has access to at l…

Course Sync FAQs

How do I check if my course is synced? To make sure that your course progress is syncing and appearing correctly across devices, follow these steps: * Check the sync indicator (cloud icon, as shown in the image that follows) on all devices. If you see an exclamation point instead of a check mark on any device…

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