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Intro to Communication Suite
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The Communication Suite in Console allows you to communicate with your learners within the platform using several different methods. These include banner messages, in-app messages, and emails. Currently, only banners and in-app messages are available in Console while emails are coming soon!



See the table below to learn more about how you can communicate with your learners:

Communication Type

Description Recommended Use
Banner Messages Appear at the top of every page until dismissed and can be configured to appear within a specific destination (i.e. Learning Platform, BluePrint, Console, or Learning Hub) and for a specified amount of time For announcements or alerts that need to go out to all of your learners or a specific audience
In-App Messages Appear in the in-app Notification Center inbox of a learner’s course. When a learner has a new in-app message, the envelope icon in their platform header will indicate this with a red dot. For messaging individual learners within their course’s Notification Center inbox


Anticipated delivery - Q1 of 2024.

Template emails that are modifiable and sent out based on certain configurations and triggers For sending automated emails to learners, such as confirmation of their course enrollments or a reminder for them to study


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