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Intro to Enterprise Engine
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The BenchPrep Enterprise Engine enhances our Console application, enabling program growth through precise distribution to enterprise, partner, and reseller models.


With BenchPrep’s flexible Branches user hierarchy, you, your customers, and partners gain tailored access and experiences, along with precision-scoped analytics.


In this multi-tenant model, your enterprise customers and partners have separate subtenants under your primary tenant. 


Branches allow you to scale distribution by utilizing various go-to-market models, giving you full control over user access and platform experience. Combined with other Console features like custom role management, intuitive analytics dashboards, and efficient administrative tools, branches empower enterprise and reseller partners to quickly deliver value to learners and admins.


For example, if your organization engages with three enterprise customers and two reseller partners, you can create five top-level branches. Each branch can have child branches (i.e. IT Team, New Hires) with unique roles, permissions, branding, course access plans, and more. 


Summary of BenchPrep's Enterprise Engine offering:


Multi Tenancy

Branches Branches offer optional flexibility in user organization and precise scoping of roles and permissions 
Plans With the new Access and Authorization suite in the BenchPrep Console application, Administrators with appropriate permissions can efficiently manage the association of Vouchers to the flexible new Branch Plan licensing model.
Branch Plans allow for  precise  scoping of courses to a branch, specifying  the number of learners and a specific time period, while also  providing  visibility into utilization.
Groups The introduction of Groups functionality provides  an enhanced method  for organizing users within a Branch, particularly in scenarios involving Instructor-Supported and/or Instructor-Led Learning. In such cases, Learners or Instructors can be associated with one or more classes and gain appropriate access to related content and data.
Roles/Permissions Customize user roles with precise  permissions tailored to your  organization's needs.
Reporting Console dashboards provide branch-level summary data and the capability  to dive deeper into user and course-level details.  
Branch Dashboard, powered by Sisense and accessible through  Console, allows users with the necessary  permissions to access and review data at the Branch and Group level.
Branding Enhanced and expanded  self-service branding capabilities empower  users with appropriate  permissions to configure  branding elements, such as logos, and primary and secondary colors, for their Branch and any nested Branches. This can be done through a user-friendly GUI or via API using Developer Tools.
Features  Improved self-service feature access configurations empower users with the right  permissions to  configure optimal  end user experiences. This includes aligning the experiences with the Branch hierarchy and can be done through a user-friendly GUI or via API with Developer Tools.


Instructor Capabilities 

Curriculum* Instructors gain greater control and flexibility in the creation, prescription, and UI positioning of personalized Study Plans for individuals and/or groups, leveraging components of a course
Instructor & Student Materials* Creating and managing materials intended for Instructors in their delivery of Instructor-Supported learning and courses.  Further, Instructors are equipped to view, access, and download materials associated with their courses.

* In legacy applications 


Review Enterprise Engine sub sections to learn more! 

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