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3. Managing Branch Features
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Feature accesses previously controlled at the institution level are now controllable at the branch level. To manage features for a branch, follow these steps:


  1. Open Console and go to the Branches section.
  2. Select the branch you’d like to work with.
  3. On the next page, select the Settings button. 
  4. Select Feature Access
  5. This page will list all of the features that are controllable at the branch level. Toggle each feature ON or OFF according to your preferences for this branch. 

    Within the branching hierarchy, branch level features depend on branch level defaults.  If default for a branch level feature is OFF, the feature would have to be turned ON at the desired branch level, all levels above as well as tenant and content package levels (if applicable) in order for it to be ON at your branch. If default of a branch level feature is ON, turning it OFF at a branch level will cascade the feature access state down, the feature access will be considered as OFF at all levels below. NOTE: The ON/OFF toggle might not always reflect the state of the feature access. As a good rule of thumb, remember to check a feature access state at a branch level above your branch, all the way to root branch, to determine a state of the feature access. 
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