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Introduction to Lessons
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Lessons are a key part of courses, but it's not mandatory to create lessons to launch a course for your learners. You can create a lesson-only experience, an experience without lessons, or a course that includes lessons alongside other modules.


Lesson Outline

The lesson outline is like your table of contents. As a best practice, we recommend that you create your table of contents (lesson outline) before your Lessons. It’s also important to note that every lesson has a category and sub-category; a lesson cannot be created without both a category and sub-category. You can create lessons manually or import them via a CSV. 


Pro-Tip: If you know how you would like to structure your course, then creating a Lesson Outline (blank shells) first is our recommended best practice. Meaning, when you build a course, create your lessons in the order that you want your users to complete them and see them in their learning platform.


At a Glance



How to Create


Lesson Categories

Lesson Categories are the structure of all Lesson content. 


Lesson categories contain lessons, and lessons typically contain instructional material. Together, they form a digital guide for your learners. 

BluePrint > Courses > Create a New Course or Click Existing Course Name > Lesson Outline > Lesson Categories

When creating lesson categories, save as you go so you don’t lose your work. Information added does not automatically save without manually saving.


Lesson categories will be nested and you can drag and drop to reorder as you wish.


You can also import Lessons and Lesson Categories. Click here to learn more. 


Key Terms and Definitions


To make a copy (clone) of a lesson, lesson category, course.

Parent Lesson Category

Overall Lesson Category

Child Lesson Categories

Sub-Category Lessons included in a Parent Lesson Category

Replicator Cart

Allows you to add lessons, parent and/or child categories in bulk for replication.


Lesson Categories: Learner Experience

When lesson categories are created, learners will see an organized list of lessons that are categorized. This makes it easier to understand and follow proper course sequence. Reminder: Lesson Categories are mandatory.



Review Feature Access: Lessons, Flashcards, Discussions and Game Center article to learn about Lesson feature accesses to help you configure a desired learning experience for your learners! 

Click here to download our Lessons Guidebook.

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