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Using Certificates within a Course
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Courses with a certificate have a Certificate Icon on the top right-hand side of the menu options. Expanding the icon will display the completion criteria as well as progress in achieving the certificate.  Certificates can only be implemented in BenchPrep courses, certificates in Asset-Based courses are not supported.  


Once the criteria has been completed, a learner will be able download the certificate via the Download PDF certificate link.



The certificate will also be available to view and download from the User Portal/Learning Hub even after the course access has expired.


Certificate Configuration 

Establishing a certificate for a course requires a submission of a ticket to our support team to correctly configure the PDF. Submit a ticket including the following information: 

  • Course name and BluePrint course ID
    Review the image below and indicate the following: 
  • The customizable fields, highlighted in RED (if you would like defaults to be used indicate that within the request). 
    • Certificate Title - default: Certificate of Completion
    • Completion Date Text - default: Course Completed
  • The YELLOW data points will automatically populate from the database and cannot be changed:
    • Course Title - as defined in BluePrint
    • User’s First and Last Name
    • Date Certificate is earned - the date the Study Plan is completed
    • Tenant Logo - where is this from
  • The GREEN icon, badge icon, is static and cannot be updated. 
  • Additionally, please provide a logo picture (preferably in transparent background in PNG format.)  The image will be downsized to fit the certificate so no need to be concerned with large images. The minimum image size required is 160 px width.  If provided image will not work, support team will follow up. 

Once we receive the request it will take up to 10 business days to complete. We will provide a PDF sample for approval. 

Configuration Tips

Before submitting a certificate request please ensure review the following: 

  • Make sure the course has complete content and the Study Plan has been fully established.
  • Note that only the fields in RED, above, can be updated from the default template. No other customizations are available at this time. 
  • Background cannot be altered. 
  • Ensure logo image size is at least 160 px width.

Sample Support Request

Here is a sample request with necessary information for our support team to begin setting up the certificate!

Please provide certificate for the following course (criteria: study plan completion)

Course ID: 56789
Certificate Title: please use the default, Certificate Completion
Completion Date text: please update default to: This course was completed on

Attached please find the company logo we would like to use (logo.png)

Review Intro to Completion Certificates article to learn more about Certificates! 

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