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Configure System Generated Emails
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Learn more about our system generated emails here.


In order to request enablement of and copy changes to customizable emails, please modify the default copy shown above and submit the modified document via a ticket to the support team. Once the support team receives the request, it will take approximately 5 business days to complete. The template can be found here.


After applying the changes, the support team will be able to generate a PDF version of the modified email as well as forward a test email to a desired email address, if necessary. 

PDF example:



Forwarded test email example: 


Email Configuration Tips

A few things to remember when working with a template:


  • You cannot add images to the email templates, but your tenant’s logo will appear at the top of the email. The PNG logo you upload in Console is the logo that appears here. 
  • Dynamic fields used within the default email copy provide specific, useful information; BenchPrep does not recommend removing these fields entirely. 
  • Keep notifications brief and concise to highlight the action/focus of the notification.
  • If you need to update/change an email notification, or want to start using an optional email, submit a request to support using the predefined template to highlight the copy changes you want to make. 


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