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Multiple Choice Questions
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Multiple choice questions are simply questions that have multiple answer selections.  BluePrint offers configurations within multiple choice questions beyond a standard Multiple Choice - One Answer Allowed option to ensure more flexibility when determining the best approach for delivering your content.  Multiple Choice Multiple Answers Allowed and Multiple Choice - One Answer, Multiple Valid Answers offer an expanded configuration options to allow learners to retain all relevant information and content on specific subject matter. 


Multiple choice - One Answer Allowed

In this question type, select one correct answer to your question within BluePrint.


Multiple choice - Multiple Answers Allowed (MAMC)

In this question type, multiple answers are allowed, select all correct choices when configuring the question in BluePrint.


Additionally, a course level feature access Selecting the correct number of answers for MAMC is required allows for greater control of learner experience while attempting Multiple Choice - Multiple Answers Allowed types question. 

The feature is available to Tenant Administrators and it is OFF by default. Once toggled on, a learner will not be able to select the Confirm button to proceed further if the number of answers provided is not equal to the correct number of answers in BluePrint. 



Multiple Choice - One answer, Multiple Valid Answers

In this question type, one answer is correct, only one correct answer can be selected. 





Creating Multiple Choice Questions


To create multiple choice questions in BluePrint, follow the instructions below:


  1. Navigate to the Questions tab of your course, and click on New Question.
  2. Add your question content.
  3. Click on the Number List button to list your answer choices (A, B, C, etc.).

  4. Add your answer explanation content.
  5. Select the question type as one of the following:
    • Multiple Choice - One answer allowed
    • Multiple Choice - Multiple answers allowed
    • Multiple Choice - One answer, Multiple Valid Answers

  6. Select the appropriate answer choice(s). If you need more answer choices to match what’s in your question content, click on Add new answer.

  7. Select a question category and distribution.

  8. Click on Create to finish creating your new question.


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