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Custom Permissions: A Deep Dive
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Console lets you build custom user roles with specific permissions that suit your organization's needs.


In this article, we'll cover some general custom roles, discuss roles that require specific enabled features, and then explain why some permissions require other permissions in order to work properly.

General Custom Roles

Roles that Troubleshoot User Issues

If you want a user to troubleshoot learner issues, grant these permissions:

  • Update Users

  • Update Licenses

  • Reset Enrollments

  • Impersonate Users
    • Note: this allows a user to impersonate admins, but will not grant any admin permissions the user doesn't already have

Roles that Supervise the System

A user that only needs to supervise operations should only get "read" permissions, like:

  • Read Users

  • Read User Roles

  • Read Plans

  • Read Content Packages

  • Read Licenses

  • Read Enrollments

Permissions that Require Feature Access

Some permissions will only be available if specific features have been purchased. Contact your BenchPrep Customer Success Rep for more information about turning them on.



Required Feature

Create Branches
Read Branches
Update Branches
Delete Branches

Create Developer Tokens

Read Developer Tokens

Update Developer Tokens

Developer Tokens


Permissions that Need Other Permissions

Certain permissions need other permissions in order for the role to be functional. In this article, we'll cover those particular cases.


If a role will perform an action with a resource, the role will also need the "read" permission for that resource. For example: if you give a role Update Users, you will also need to give it Read Users. Otherwise, the user couldn't view what they plan to update.



Required Permission

Console Access Console
Read Roles
Read Permissions

NOTE: All above permissions are required for any Console Role
Create Users
Update Users
Impersonate Users
Deactivate Users
Activate Users
Read User Roles
Create User Roles*
Delete User Roles
Create Subscriptions
Read Users
Create Branches Read Branches
Update Branches Read Branches
Delete Branches Read Branches
Create Groups Read Groups
Update Groups Read Groups
Update Licenses Read Users
Read Licenses
Reset Enrollments

Read Users

Read Enrollments

Create Plans Read Plans
Update Plans

Read Plans

Read Content Packages**

Create Vouchers Read Vouchers
Update Vouchers Read Vouchers
Update Content Packages Read Content Packages
Reporting Read Reports
Psychometric Dashboard Read Psychometric Dashboard
Utilization Dashboard Read Utilization Dashboard


*If a user has the Create User Roles permission, they can assign User Roles that have the same set or a sub-set of their own permissions.

**In addition to viewing all courses within a tenant, Read Content Packages allows users to view, add and remove courses in a plan.

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