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How do I Navigate Flashcards?
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Study Tab

The Study tab allows you to launch the flashcards experience and begin studying the material.  



Additionally, from the Study Tab you can also filter the default set by Card Sets, Category and Correctness To do so, Select Filter to pick a desired flashcard set. 


My Sets Tab

Under My Sets, you will be able to see the preloaded sets made for the course as well as any sets you have made previously. 


Select My Sets to view all of the sets available to study from.


The following information is included:

  • Set Name - name of the flashcard set
  • Set Type
    • Default - flashcards included with course content
    • Private - any private sets you created 
  • Community - public sets you created or community sets you have subscribed to
  • Provider - creator of the set
  • # of Cards

Upon hovering over each set, List and Study options appear.
Select Study to start reviewing the chosen flashcard set immediately. 
Select List to view the list of flashcards within a particular set, edit your private or public flashcards, or unsubscribe from community flashcards.


Community Sets Tab

The Community Sets tab displays all Community sets created for this course. Hover over each set to subscribe/unsubscribe from a set. 

You can sort the sets by Popularity, Card Count or by Most Recent criteria. Utilize the search bar on the top right to search for a specific set.


Note on Community Flashcards: If you do not see the Community Flashcards tab, this feature is not available to you.


List Tab

The List tab displays a default set of questions that are available within a course.  Select Study to start studying the content.  Select Print to download and print the flashcard in a PDF document format.



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