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Flashcard Settings
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Flashcards allow learners to review content efficiently and at their own pace. In addition to default sets offered within a course, learners can also create their own sets to further their learning.


The My Flashcards function allows learners to create their own flashcard sets, while the Community Flashcards function allows learners to subscribe to their peers' flashcard sets.


The My Flashcards and Community Flashcards functions can be turned on by BenchPrep only, so reach out if you need these settings turned ON or OFF.


Here's what a learner sees if the My Flashcards feature is ON:


Here's what a learner sees if the Community Flashcards feature is ON:

If both My Flashcards and Community Flashcards are ON, the learner will see lists of their own Sets as well as Community Sets, and they'll be able to share theirs with the Community:



How does a Learner create their own flashcards?
  1. Select Flashcards on the left hand side of the navigation menu 
  2. Select My Sets from the top menu, then click on Create a Set link
  3. Input Title and Description of your set, and select appropriate access
    1. Public - make public if you would like to share your set with others. The set will be saved as a Community Set. Other users will be able to subscribe to, and learn from your set. NOTE: Community Flashcards tenant level feature access needs to be turned ON enable Community Flashcards tab. If you do not see the Community Flashcards tab, this feature is not available to you.
    2. Private - used for personal reference only
  4. Select Create Set
  5. On the Flashcards page, fill out slide 1 and slide 2 information
  6. Select Add Card to add additional flashcards. Select Delete on the right hand side to delete flashcards you no longer would like to use'
  7. Select Save Cards when done creating flashcards
  8. Once saved, select Study to study your flashcards

    Selecting Edit Set Information enables you to edit the set’s title, description and access
How does a Learner view Community Flashcards?

The Community Sets tab displays all Community sets created for this course. Hover over each set to subscribe/unsubscribe from a set. 

You can sort the sets by Popularity, Card Count or by Most Recent criteria. Utilize the search bar on the top right to search for a specific set.


Note on Community Flashcards: If you do not see the Community Flashcards tab, this feature is not available to you.

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