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Exporting Data
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You can export specific student data in the Student Scores section by following these steps: 


1. Open the Boost Dashboard and select Student Scores from the left-hand navigation menu. 

2. Locate the student you’d like to work with in the student listing and select their name


3. Scroll down to the student’s progress within a specific course and select the Export button. 

  1. Select Export Practice to export data from the Practice section. This will download a CSV file that includes all of the user’s practice question data in this course, as well as the course, category, and subcategory IDs for each category. 
  2. Select Export Tests to export data from the Tests section. This will download a CSV file that includes each test’s name, course, and number of questions, and the number of questions the student answered correctly, the student’s score on each test, and its status (not started, paused, or complete).

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