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Viewing Data
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To view real-time data for a specific student, follow these steps: 


  1. Open the Boost Dashboard and select “Student Scores” from the left-hand navigation menu. 
  2. Locate the student you’d like to work with in the student listing and select their name
    1. Use the search box to filter the listing by name or email address. 
    2. Use the arrow icons next to the Name, ID, Email, Created At, and Last Active columns to sort by these columns in ascending or descending order.
    3. The next page will include all of the real-time progress and performance data available for this student.



Each student’s page in the Student Scores section includes their name, ID, institution, affiliated groups, and courses. It also includes the following course-specific data: 

  • The date the user was last active in this course
  • The total time spent by this user in the course 
  • The number of Study Tasks this user has completed 
  • The user’s score within each practice question category
  • The amount of time the user spent answering questions in each question category 
  • The user’s score on each test in the course 
  • The amount of questions on each test
  • The last date the user attempted this test
  • If the user has paused or completed the test 
  • The user’s progress in any curriculums they’re assigned to for this course, including the percentage of tasks they’ve completed, average score on practice questions, average score on tests, date the curriculum was started, date the curriculum was completed, and the last date the user worked on tasks in the curriculum  

Most of the data points shown in the Student Scores section are also shown in the Analytics section -- the only difference is how often the two sections are updated (Student Scores is in real time). The following data points are exclusive to Student Scores:


  • The number of Study Tasks a user has completed in a specific course 
  • The date a user was last active in a specific test 
  • The time spent by a user answering questions in specific practice question categories 
  • The date a user started a curriculum assigned to them 
  • The date a user was last active in a curriculum 
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