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Analyze Course and Product-Specific Data
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Using BenchPrep Data to Discover Course and Product-Specific Data Insights

The BenchPrep Data Suite and the Analyst Workspace provide course and product-specific data that you can use to better understand your programs. The data provided include information to understand the following: 


  • Learner attrition points and completion rates
  • Learning module engagement (i.e. video, flashcards, etc.)
  • Course popularity
  • Question-level insights grouped by topic


This information can be used to better understand which courses learners are navigating through the content successfully and accomplishing their goals. The data can be broken down by sub-topic within courses and course elements, such as flashcards, questions, and lessons.


The data allow you to better understand what your learners are interacting with so that you can assess your courses and inform the decisions you make regarding what courses to offer and what elements to include to drive both learner engagement and achievement.


You can use your data to take a deeper dive into understanding your learners and to consider what content and courses to offer next. 

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