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Analyze User Activity and Performance Data
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Use Your BenchPrep Learning Data to Discover User Activity and Learner Performance Data

In the Analyst Workspace and the Data Suite, you can find data which provide a picture of how users are interacting with your programs and content.  Data in the Analyst Workspace  and the Data Suite can help you to understand what content your learners find useful and which elements might need revision or improvement. The following are types of data available to you that will support your understanding of engagement and content quality, along with some suggested uses. 

Learner Confidence Levels (Exams and Practice Questions, Lessons, and Flashcards)

  • See what content your learners understand best and what they struggle with 
  • Compare difficulty levels with confidence levels to gain a picture of learner understanding
  • Understand the relationship between users' confidence levels on practice questions and outcomes on exams


User Activity 

  • Understand what users engage with both within and across courses in your program


New User Growth Over Time 

  • Track what your learners engage with the most across content types and across different courses 
  • Identify course enrollment and engagement trends 


User Performance Data (Segmented by Modality, Learning Session Length, and Frequency)

  • Understand how learners perform on different exams and questions 
  • See how time spent in a course relates to performance
  • See how learners are spending their time in a course or across your program
  • Gain insight into what content types learners interact with the most and the least
  • Identify what content enhances learner performance on assessments 


This information from the Data Suite and the Analyst Workspace can help you understand how learners are engaging with your program and content as well as what resources and content types help learners master material and improve exam scores. 

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