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Assignment Grading Results
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Please review the description of each value field in the Assignment Grading Results Report:

Field Name Description
Assignment Topic Name Name of the assignment
Assignment Review ID Identifier for a unique user response of an assignment
Assignment Client Created at Date assignment was created
Assignment Review Created at Date assignment review was created
Assignment Time Taken Total time spent taking the assignment (in seconds)
Assignment Review Review Type The type of review requested by the user (feedback or graded)
Assignment Topic Grading Type How the assignment is graded (self or manual)
Assignment Review State State of the review request
Assignment Topic Grading Category The categorization of the assignment for grading purposes
Assignment Review Claimed at Date assignment grader has claimed the assignment
Assignment Review Completed at Date assignment grader completed the review
User ID BenchPrep ID of user
Grader ID BenchPrep ID of grader
Overall Score Overall score of the assignment
Overall Comments Any comments left on overall section of the assignment
Review Scores Score for each individual assignment trait
Review Comments Comments for each individual assignment trait


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