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Manage Features
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The Manage Features tab in the Tenant Dashboard allows any tenant admin to see a list of controllable platform features and toggle them on or off. See Configuration Workbook (Feature Configuration section) for reference. 


If you navigate straight to the Manage Features tab, you'll see a list of all of the features controlled at the tenant level - in other words, features that we can turn ON/OFF globally.


In the Other Controllables column, you'll see the other levels, if applicable, where we can control access to the feature. For example, The ability to see Public Discussions is controllable at the tenant level, but we can also turn them on/off for specific groups, Institutions, or Courses. Different features are controllable at different levels.


In order to manage features controlled at the course, Institution, or group level, you'll need to go to the specific entity you'd like to manage.

Here's where you'd go to manage features for a Institution: 


If a feature is turned on at the highest level (tenant), it can be turned on or off for any specific entity underneath that umbrella (i.e. you may turn off the feature for a specific course). However, if the feature is turned off at the highest level, it's turned off for every level underneath it - even if a course marks a feature as "ON," the tenant level setting overrides it.

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