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Managing Users
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You'll likely spend a lot of  time in the Tenant Dashboard in the User Admin tab specifically. This tab is where you can see information about any user, edit their information, create new users, or send existing users reset passwords.


User Listing Page


Access the User Admin section by clicking on Users from the left hand menu (opens by default). 

You will then be brought to the User Listing page with detailed info about each user:


The columns on this page are:



While the User Listing page cannot be sorted by status or role, click the Filters menu in the upper left-hand corner to filter users by keyword, role, status, test, Institution, etc. 

The following menu will display: 



By default, the user listing displays users in reverse chronological order by creation date (i.e. the most recently created users appear at the top). After you filter the listing, however, users who match the filter are sorted in chronological order (i.e. the oldest accounts appear at the top).


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