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Tenant Dashboard Overview
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The Tenant Dashboard is a robust platform for both BenchPrep staff and your Customer Support team to oversee users, B2B setup, and product settings.


It is the only front-end place to change feature configuration settings for organization, courses, Institutions, or group, and limit the number of resets per user. In addition, the Tenant Dashboard is often the easiest place to set up new Institutions and create new administrative users. 

Any user with the ‘tenant admin’ role can access the Tenant Dashboard. The only users who should receive the ‘tenant admin’ role are BenchPrep employees and designated members of your project or Customer Support team. 

Tenant Admins can:


  • Create and manage users, admin divisions, districts, Institutions, contracts, and client organizations

  • Impersonate users

  • Turn features on/off 

  • View test reviews

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