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7. Embedding Content (Images, PDFs, and H5P Interactives)
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You can embed a variety of content types using the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor in BluePrint. You can insert images, videos, PDFs, a horizontal line, or a special character using the below set of buttons:



Each of these functions walks you through adding your content on our platform.


To embed a different type of format, you can use embed codes that are generated by the platform. Microsoft Office, for instance, allows you to generate embed codes when accessing files from Microsoft Office Online. Similarly, H5P (a site that allows you to build and share interactive HTML content) allows you to copy+paste an embed code. Here is their walkthrough on embedding content.

These HTML codes usually start with <iframe, and you can embed those into your content by clicking the Source button in the WYSIWYG Editor (first button listed in the screenshot above) and pasting the <iframe into the relevant spot.

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