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Managing Banner Messages
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Creating a Banner

A Banner message is a text-based communication presented to users on the top of the screen. 

It can serve as an alert, announcement, notification or a reminder message.  Banner messages are instantly noticeable and are great at grabbing user’s attention!


Example of a banner message:



A Tenant admin can create a Banner message by following these steps:

  1. In Tenant Dashboard, click on Banner Messages

  2. Select New Message button

  3. Fill out the details of the Banner Message page

  4. Click Preview to see a preview of the banner on the page

  5. Click Post to post the banner message

  6. Upon clicking Post, a pop-up message will appear indicating the number of users the banner message will be visible to. It will also inform you that if a user does not have access to a course or Boost Dashboard (depending on your message location settings) within the specified time, the user will not see the banner. 

  7. Select Post to make the banner message active



Editing and Deleting Banner Messages

Unfortunately, editing a banner is currently not possible.  You can preview a message by selecting "Preview" next to the desired message. You can easily delete a banner by selecting Banner Messages and then selecting “Delete” next to the banner you would like to remove. 



A confirmation message on top of the screen will inform you the message has successfully been deleted. 


A user can permanently remove a banner message by clicking on the ‘x” on the upper right hand corner of the banner.




Posting More Than One Banner Message

A user post multiple banner messages. Messages will be displayed one at a time.  Clicking “x” on the upper right hand corner of the banner will remove the message and show any subsequent banner messages, if they exist.  

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