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Using Zoom Reports
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The Zoom Integration enables the recording of attendance data for any user enrolled in your events. This is only available for non-recurring events. We capture Join Time, Leave Time, and total Duration spent in the meeting for each registrant. Attendance data is captured whether the user launches from their email (via the "Join" URL) or from User Portal. Attendance data is also captured regardless of what device the user or host launches from.

Viewing Attendance Data

Watch the video below or follow the step-by-step instructions to view attendance data from a Zoom meeting:


  1. Go to Tenant Dashboard > Web Conferencing
  2. Go to Past Events
  3. Select the desired meeting
  4. See the Registrants table, under meeting details


Registrants are a list of all users that have enrolled in the event through Available Events or were enrolled by a Tenant Admin. Users registered by the host through Zoom will not populate here. Each registrant has a Join Time, Leave Time, and Duration. Attendance data will only populate once the designated end time of the meeting has been reached. For instance, if you scheduled the meeting from 4:30-5pm CST and the host ends the meeting at 4:50 CST, attendance data will not display until 5pm.


Join Time The time that the user launched into the meeting while the meeting was live. If “Join before host” is enabled, Join Time is the moment the learner launches into the meeting, not when the host joins. If “Waiting Room” is enabled, Join Time is the moment the user enters the waiting room, not when the user is admitted.
Leave Time The time that the user exited the meeting or the host ended the meeting for everyone.
Duration The number of minutes the user stayed in the meeting. If a user enters the meeting, leaves and rejoins at a later time, each of their sessions will be captured under Duration - in this case, Join Time will display the first time he joined and Leave Time will display the last time he left.


A Tenant Admin also has the option to export a report of Registered, Pending, and Blocked Users and their attendance. Only registered users would have attendance data. The report displays each user’s Join Time and Leave Time in UTC and displays the total time spent in the meeting as hh:mm:ss, no rounding.


Note: Attendance data is not available for recurring meetings.

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