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Reporting Course Content Errors
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To report a content error within Flashcards, Questions and Lessons follow these steps:


1. Locate a small, grey link that reads Report Content Errors underneath appropriate lesson, flashcard or question.  

3. Click on the Report Content Errors link to pull up a small error reporting form. 


NOTE: You cannot report errors while taking a test, answering practice questions, or using automatic answer review mode.


4. Fill out the form, shown in the image that follows, including the type of error you've found and any additional details regarding it. You can choose from the following categories:


  • I found a typo
  • Something is missing
  • Math is not showing up
  • Something is incorrect
  • I have general feedback
  • Incorrect answer
  • Wrong explanation
  • Translation error



5. Please describe the issue as specifically as possible. Click the Send Report button at the bottom of the form.

NOTE: There is a limit of 2048 characters for the description


Your feedback won't be displayed inside the course, but it will be sent directly to the team responsible for maintaining and correcting the course! 

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