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Managing Licenses for Institutions

1. In the Institutions tab, find and select the  school you want to edit 2. On that institution’s details page, select the Contracts  section 3. Select the contract where you want to add additional seats 4. In the Contracts section, click on the Edit  button in the upper right hand corn…

Managing Institutions

Adding New Institutions 1. Go to the Institutions tab 2. Click on the red outlined  New Institution  button in the upper-right-hand corner 3. Add the institution's information (Adding a contract to the institution is optional at this step) New Contract Fields: * Name : The name you'd l…

Managing Features for Institution

Changing features for an entire institution 1. In the Institutions  tab, select an institution 2. On the institution's details page, click on the Manage Features  button 3. You will then be able to toggle specific features on/off

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